Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm back...

ok. I know it's been over two months since my last post. I'm a bad blogger-I've heard it from more than a few people-but unless you have two toddler boys and you are at least 5 months pregnant, I'm not really going to feel bad (she says with extreme "blogger guilt" in her voice). That being said-here's a little update since I saw you last.

We went to China to visit my sister and her family and also Casey's sister and her husband and baby. We were there for 11 days but it wasn't nearly long enough. It was really hard to come back and we are hoping to go back soon.

I got to go to a really cool b&b for one my friend's birthday. It was such a relaxing, wonderful and much-needed weekend. Afterwards, I went up to Dallas to my cousin, Erin's, house. I got to take a few pictures of her sweet family for their Christmas cards. I also took some bridal portraits last month but haven't been able to post any of them until now because the wedding was last weekend. The wedding was so much fun and now I have tons of editing to keep me busy for the next few weeks. Christmas was a lot of fun this year. Aiden loved every minute of it and was a joy to watch!

It's been a fun, fast holiday season so far and we're looking forward to 2008, especially the arrival of a little girl in May!