Friday, December 15, 2006

I know, I know, I have neglected the blog for too long, and you are going to throw up if you have to look at "mimi's pumpkin patch" much longer. It's been a little crazy in our world since Thanksgiving, and to be quite honest, my daily routine isn't all that exciting to anyone who isn't a mom, but I thought the least I could do was put some different pictures of the boys up. Aiden was obviously showing me his best "i'm 3 and i've got more attitude in my little pinky than you have in your whole body" look. Pierce, on the other hand is happy 90% of the time and eating the other 10%, as evidenced by his gargantuan proportions.

We are heading to Casey's family's ranch this weekend near Austin to celebrate Christmas with them, and then we will celebrate the actual day here with Kim's family. Aiden is having so much fun this year, as it is the first year he really is starting to understand Christmas. Let me add, though, that his version of the story goes a little something like this: "Baby Jesus, Son of God, came from my tummy, and so did Mary, and ALL the presents, and now they live on the farm inside a big barn, with cows and sheep and horses and penguins (we just saw the movie Happy Feet), and the men brought Baby Jesus lots of presents just like me!!" I didn't say he understood it perfectly, but we're working on it. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!