Sunday, August 17, 2008


I did one of the posts a while back, about things that Aiden has said that made me laugh, but I haven't done one in a long time and a post on one of my friend's blogs reminded me that I needed to do another one.

These are things that Aiden has said in the past three days that put a smile on my face:

While going to check the mailbox:
Me: "Hey Aiden and Pierce, do you want to walk to the mailbox barefoot?"
Aiden: "ooo, yeah-you guys walk barefoot, and I'll walk kittyfoot!"
Me: "No, it's barefoot, Aiden, not BEARfoot"

When I caught Aiden shoving Pierce down:
Me: "Aiden-why did you just shove your brother??"
Aiden: "But Mama, sometimes I just get so frustrated with him and then I my body just can't help it!"
Me: (thinking) I know buddy-I feel your pain

When trying to decide what to eat for breakfast:
Aiden: "Mama, I want beans for breakfast"
Me: "No, I don't want you to have beans for breakfast, how about eggs?"
Aiden: "But why don't you want me to have beans for breakfast? Because then I will toot all day?"

When discussing Santa Claus: (this may be controversial, I understand. Yes-we tell our kids that Santa is not a real person)
Aiden: "I wish I could go meet Santa Claus"
Me: "Well, you know that Santa is a character, and when we are playing we can pretend that they are real and use our imaginations. Kind of like Superman and Thomas the Train."
Aiden: "yeah, and like Dora, and Batman, and Chinese people!"
****note to self: don't be surprised when Aiden wets himself the first time he visits his cousins in China****

*My Favorite* While picking out what to wear:
Me: "Darn it, this pretty shirt doesn't fit you any more-I loved that shirt on you"
Aiden: "Why did you love that shirt on me?"
Me: "Because it has bright colors and I think you look handsome in bright colors"
Aiden: "Yeah! And do you know what? God thinks that the clouds look handsome, too, so that's why he puts bright colored clothes on them when it's a sunset!"

Despite his constant questions and endless antagonizing of his brother, He has such a sweet heart and can say some darn cute stuff sometimes!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Are you there, God??

Hi everyone! I couldn't resist showing this to you guys. Yesterday, Aiden wanted to make a little video on the computer, so I pressed record and this is the little snippet of our day it captured. Let me set the scene: After pressing 'record' I turned to see where Pierce was. I found him in my parents bathroom (we are house sitting at the moment), with a twizzler in his hand (movie snack), and his hand elbow deep in the toilet-stirring the toilet water with his twizzler, with a roll of toilet paper unrolled all over the floor. This lovely event is what you hear going on in the background. Aiden, who is accustomed to these sort of antics from Pierce, is unphased and proceeds in his conversation with God and Jesus.

If you listen carefully, at about the 48 second mark, you can hear me adding a rule to Pierce's ongoing list of random rules (like "don't take the poo out of your diaper" and "stop body slamming your brother").

Sunday, August 03, 2008

2 cool to be 2!!

Our little man, Pierce, turned 2 today! It honestly feels like he should be turning 1-I don't know where the past year went! We have been trying all weekend to get him to say he is "two", but every time we ask him how old he is, he says something like "my daddy", or "aiden two", and when we insist, he smiles a sly little smile and says "naaaggghh I not two". oh well. With all of my family out of town, we decided to keep it low key and the five of us had a little cake (well, Grae had the milk, minus the cake). Pierce blew out his candles and immediately leaned over and took a bite without using his hands, and then devoured a huge slice. I remembered at the last minute to grab my camera, so these are the only two shots I got. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pierce!! You are a constant source of joy, energy, smiles and fun for us. We love you little buddy.