Monday, September 29, 2008


While it's still only the 29th here, it's the 30th in China, so I thought I'd write a Happy Birthday post for my sister, Carrie.

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS! I have admired you for so many reasons all of my life. You are strong, independent, wise and more caring than most. You are sensitive, loving and supportive. There is no one in the world that I would rather laugh 'til I cried with than you. It is so comforting having a sister, and especially one that you know cares so deeply for you. Growing up I tried to be just like you (notice I said be not dress like you ;)!! I always envied your discipline and strength. You use to enjoy planning out the next 5 or so years of my life and lay it out for me. Have I told you how much I miss that? Maybe I just threw you for so many loops that you gave up.

I love you, Carrie, and while I will let some tears fall today because you are so far away, I will be praising God for your life and your heart. You're the best!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey everyone-I finally got onto the internet today because Casey's office miraculously had power!

Ike came ready for a fight, but we're still standing. It seems the "panic mode" that everyone was in before the storm has only intensified, though. As gas stations get power one by one, the lines to the pump stretch on forever and frozen water is all of the sudden as valuable as gold. We stayed with the kids at my parents house during the storm since they have a gas grill. Oddly enough, we've eaten better in the past few days than most other times, grilling every last morsel of meat from our freezers so it doesn't go to waste. Saturday night's meal was a virtual buffet of turkey burgers, pork tenderloin, potatoes, corn on the cob, followed the next day by a mountain of chicken nuggets. Each evening it's as if we've jumped into a time machine, and at once we hunker down by candle light to sit around and listen to the radio until we head off to bed by ten o'clock.

It's been an interesting few days, to say the least. We spent the better part of 9 hours working to restore my parents yard to its former glory and our house is just a few more hours short of restoration as well. It's clear that many people were not as fortunate, though, and we are thankful to be safe and sound.

I hope everyone in the area is alright and recovering!

Friday, September 12, 2008


It's Friday and apparently there is a hurricane on the way. I was sure that when I woke up this morning and turned on the news that they were going to say that it had turned and wasn't coming our way, but it looks like it is. People are freaking out. The lines at the grocery store were a mile long yesterday, almost every business is closed today, gas is running out... Casey and I, though, are solidifying our reputations of making light of heavy situations. Maybe it's our way of dealing with the situation, I don't know, but I can think of nothing more amusing than watching everyone scramble around like the end of the world is upon us.

Don't get me wrong, though, we know that this is a serious storm and that there are many people near the coast that are in immediate danger, but we feel pretty confident that, short of a bunch of fallen branches, some minor damage, and a power outage, we are safe. But, lest we be considered reckless, we stocked up on booze and twinkies. Just kidding. They were out of twinkies.