Friday, March 28, 2008

Too Funny Not To Mention #1

My sister gave me the idea yesterday of having ongoing posts about the funny things that our kids say. Since Pierce isn't talking much, the material will primarily be from Aiden, but anyone who knows Aiden knows that there is no shortage from him. So, here is installment #1 of "Too Funny Not To Mention".

Yesterday, Aiden, Pierce and I were laying on my bed watching the baby roll around in my tummy when Aiden made a startling revelation.

Mom: "Look, the baby is really moving a lot!"

Aiden: "Mommy! The baby is coming out!"

Mom: "What do you mean, Aiden?"

Aiden: (pointing to my stomach) "Look, I see cracks on your tummy and I think the baby must be coming out!"

*Aiden was, of course, referring the eternal reminder that I have had 3 kids: stretch marks. Thanks for the reminder, Buddy.

Monday, March 24, 2008

to the nines...

Our friends Kathryn and Jared got married this weekend and Aiden and I both got to be in the wedding. Kathryn's little boy, Hudson, is one of Aiden's best buds. He and two of Hudson's other friends walked with him down the aisle. Aiden was so excited to wear a suit and "look like daddy" for the night! Here's a picture of Aiden and Cadence in their suits. Thankfully I don't have any pictures of my stomach attempting to wear my dress around.

I also got to take Kathryn's Bridal portraits, so I posted a few on my photoblog. I felt like I should have been paying her to take them, though-what a beauty!

Monday, March 17, 2008

like father like sons...

Casey bought the boys lolipops with lips on them this weekend. I think he was more excited about them than they were. I'm so glad my husband is goofy. Life is way too serious sometimes.

Monday, March 10, 2008 it May yet???

Running around after Aiden and Pierce has made this pregnancy fly by until the past couple of weeks. Now I'm wondering if May will ever be here, because I'm ready to get on with it, already. I loved every minute of my first pregnancy, but the third time around isn't so glamourous. And by the way, it would stink to be the guy that Braxton Hicks contractions were named after. I would hate to know that millions of women would be cursing my name long after my death.

less than eight weeks left...pray for me.