Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm a horrible blogger, I know! I can post pictures all day long, it's the updating and the stories that are hard for me to get to, so from here on out I'll post pictures and just write brief 'snipits' and if you don't like me and you can be my ghost writer.

Aiden and Pierce with our friend, Greenley. I think Pierce already has a crush!

We went to Palm Springs, CA last weekend for a business trip for Casey. We didn't take the boys and that gave us a chance to really relax and enjoy ourselves, even though the weekend flew by! We went to a really great zoo/nature preserve there, and I fell in love with these little birds.
Our flight back got canceled and we had to spend the night at an airport hotel, but we got great meal vouchers and ate in a really cool hotel-top lounge right next the where the airplanes flew in to land. It was amazing!