Sunday, August 03, 2008

2 cool to be 2!!

Our little man, Pierce, turned 2 today! It honestly feels like he should be turning 1-I don't know where the past year went! We have been trying all weekend to get him to say he is "two", but every time we ask him how old he is, he says something like "my daddy", or "aiden two", and when we insist, he smiles a sly little smile and says "naaaggghh I not two". oh well. With all of my family out of town, we decided to keep it low key and the five of us had a little cake (well, Grae had the milk, minus the cake). Pierce blew out his candles and immediately leaned over and took a bite without using his hands, and then devoured a huge slice. I remembered at the last minute to grab my camera, so these are the only two shots I got. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pierce!! You are a constant source of joy, energy, smiles and fun for us. We love you little buddy.


Christian and Erin said...

Happy birthday Pierce! Hudson wishes he could have had some cake to celebrate with you. We miss you guys.

The Mays Family said...


the_wells said...

Happy birthday Pierce!!
Hope to see you on thurs kimmy! feel free to bring grae - it's very low key!
PS - can't believe how much he looks like casey in that first pic!