Monday, September 29, 2008


While it's still only the 29th here, it's the 30th in China, so I thought I'd write a Happy Birthday post for my sister, Carrie.

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS! I have admired you for so many reasons all of my life. You are strong, independent, wise and more caring than most. You are sensitive, loving and supportive. There is no one in the world that I would rather laugh 'til I cried with than you. It is so comforting having a sister, and especially one that you know cares so deeply for you. Growing up I tried to be just like you (notice I said be not dress like you ;)!! I always envied your discipline and strength. You use to enjoy planning out the next 5 or so years of my life and lay it out for me. Have I told you how much I miss that? Maybe I just threw you for so many loops that you gave up.

I love you, Carrie, and while I will let some tears fall today because you are so far away, I will be praising God for your life and your heart. You're the best!


Amanda said...

I love this post and I love you both! That picture takes me back to the Kim and Carrie I met so long ago...where did the time go?!

Brad & Carrie said...

Seems I've been crying a lot today, so why not check your blog right before I go to bed and cry again?! Thank you for the note, it blesses me more than you can know.

I've already been thinking of your trip and cannot wait to have some sister/friend time. I love you so much.

khunton said...

Awe, so cute! My goodness, Pierce looks just like you in that pic!

Team Leslie said...

Kim, I found your post through the Merrills. What a sweet post. Wondering if you can send me some info about your sister, Abby, is looking for her wedding. I'm sure you're super busy, so just if you have the time -
Thanks! Natalie (Lawrence) Leslie